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Pet death councelling in BC
A Pet’s Death is Significant

There is No doubt....

The death of a pet is, without a doubt, a traumatic experience.

No, it’s not “just a dog” or “just a cat.” The animal has been a family member. With the death of that pet, the family experiences a significant loss. Society, however,  often denies you the need to grieve for your pet. You may even be chastised for openly and honestly expressing your feelings. As a result, you hide your grief ignore or bury it, and may feel guilty for your feelings.

Explore these feelings in a safe and supportive atmosphere, with support from someone who is non-judgmental, to begin the healing process and help you transition to a place of balance, where you are once again able to cope.

Be patient

When a pet dies, you and your family must accept the need to grieve. Even though others around you may attempt to minimize your grief, the hurt must be embraced to be lessened. Be patient and tolerant as you slowly move toward healing.

Grieving means to express your feelings, no matter how painful, outside of yourselves.

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