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I seek to live intimately with my own life and the world. I am compelled by a deeper hunger of the soul driven by a desire to live life to the fullest.

If we refuse to touch the places of sorrow, pain and confusion within ourselves and another we cannot cultivate the ability to be completely present in our moments of joy and ecstasy. But If we are open to our sorrows as well as our joy we can expand our ability to hold the world and ourselves in our hearts. 

Living against our authentic selves hinders our ability to love and be loved by those around us. You can choose to allow yourself to remain open to life, to it all, the pain, the joy, and the sorrow.

The willingness to live and follow our desires takes courage but knowing our time on earth is brief I long for a depth of intimacy with myself, with another and with each fleeting moment of my life. I want to live life deeply, intimately, and fully. Do you?

The courage to go deeper is found by letting your desire grow larger than your fear.  

Let me walk alongside you to a place of deeper self-awareness, realization, personal empowerment and growth. 

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