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Reiki Reduce pain  Relief from stress  Quicker healing from injuries  Quicker recovery from illness  Overcoming mental and emotional road blocks
What is Reiki?


Reiki is a technique for healing, reducing pain and decreasing stress. Reiki is given through light touch. It is a powerful form of hands-on healing that supports the person on all levels: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


While Reiki has a spiritual aspect, it is not based in religion nor does it conflict with religious beliefs.

How Does Reiki work?

​In eastern medicine, it is believed that life force energy, or Ki, flows through us, keeping us alive. It is the free and balanced flow of this energy that creates health and wellbeing by nourishing our organs and cells, helping them to perform their vital functions. When the flow of Ki is disrupted, our functioning is diminished and illness results. Thoughts and feelings also affect our energy flow. Serious disruptions in our energy occur when we consciously or unconsciously accept negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves.


When a person receives Reiki, they are receiving Ki to help restore their energy flow and remove energetic blockages in the body. Once the energy is free-flowing, the physical organs and tissue can resume their healing processes. In this way, Reiki deals with the problem at its source, rather than the symptoms.


Reiki uses light touch, the practitioners hands are held still in various positions over the body. Sessions last 45 minutes and are generally given while the client is lying down. The client remains fully clothed during a session.

Other reported benefits include:


  • Reduced pain

  • Relief from stress

  • Quicker healing from injuries

  • Quicker recovery from illness

  • Overcoming mental and emotional road blocks

  • Stimulating the immune System

  • increased creativity

  • Sharpened awareness

  • increased relaxation

  • Overall sense of wellbeing

  • Ease of movement

  • Increased vitality

  • Greater emotional stability

  • Falling asleep quickly

  • Sleeping more restfully

  • Deeper spiritual connection



Who would benefit from a Reiki session?

Since Reiki restores and enhances the flow of energy in the body, sessions are beneficial to everyone. Many people use Reiki for pain management, stress relief, to help heal physical injuries, or aid in the recovery of common or chronic illnesses; others are seeking to find their sense of purpose and meaning in life, or to overcome mental and emotional roadblocks. Some people use Reiki simply to relax and increase their overall well-being.


Medical research shows that Reiki can influence the autonomic nervous system, reducing blood pressure and heart rates and assisting the body to return to homeostasis, or a state of calm well-being. Reiki is widely used to reduce pain, decrease stress, foster relaxation, and to stimulate the body’s healing response, decreasing the time it takes to heal itself.

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