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Calm serenity health and wellness
8-Week Breakthrough
Group Program
  • Are you tired of being Stuck?
  • Bored with the same old strategies that don't work
  • Tired of beating yourself up ?
  • Are you ready for change?


"This Program is for anyone who eats"
  • It's for anyone who's been trying to lose weight.

  • It's for those that are tired of dieting.

  • It's for people who are battling with how their body looks.

  • It's for anyone who has a challenging relationship with food.

  • It's for emotional eaters.

  • Binge eaters & over eaters.

  • Anyone with unwanted food habits.

  • It's for people who have health concerns such as digestive challenges, immune issues, low energy, mood problems and more.



  • ​The best tools for working with emotional eating 

  • Simple strategies for natural appetite regulation 

  • Hidden contributors to weight gain

  • How to regulate mood through nourishing food

  • Powerful startegies for positive body image 

  • How to let go of toxic dieting 

  • Relaxation techniques that boost metabolisim 

  • Easy to practice tools to nourish body, mind, heart and soul


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8 week workshop 
Investment $497
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